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Interesting shapes and a variety of colors – these are today's bathroom heaters. Looking for the perfect solution for your bathroom? Read about types of bathroom heaters and find out about the best products from this category.

Bathroom heater-a way to keep warm in the bathroom

The bathroom is a room in the house where you should think through the heating issues well. First, because of the everyday comfort-bathing in a warm bathroom is certainly more pleasant. Secondly, rooms where moisture reigns must be well ventilated and properly heated. And, finally, third, heating can perform not only practical, but also aesthetic functions. Modern bathroom radiators, thanks to their colors and shapes, are the perfect complement to any arrangement.

The most common type of heating in the bathroom is underfloor heating. This solution is efficient and saves space, but in most bathrooms, the floor is not the only source of heat. Why? Because a bathroom heater has many other advantages.

Bathroom with diamond-shaped tiles and stone. Finned radiator black, black fittings
Tesi Irsap ribbed vertical heater in bathroom with black lozenges (photo 2019)

Which bathroom heater to choose-appearance

A classic bathroom heater consists of collectors filled with water or a special liquid that store heat, and then give it to the environment. Due to the shape of the mentioned manifolds, we distinguish between different types of radiators.

Stair radiator

Its name refers to its appearance. Stair radiators are shaped like stairs. Vertical heating manifolds are connected by horizontal tubes of round, square or rectangular cross-section, depending on the model. A stair radiator is also called a "heated towel rail" because of its function. The shape of the ladder makes drying towels easier.

One of the most popular products of this type is Terma heaters, the manufacturer with 30 years of experience in the industry. The brand annually expands the circle of its customers not only in our country, but also on a global scale. Its offer includes a very wide range of stair radiators, so everyone can find what best suits their tastes. Thermal heaters can be found in many color options ( gold, turquoise, graphite and many others) and shapes (do you care about a lot of horizontal narrow tubes or do you prefer a version where there are fewer of them but they are thicker?). The brand also offers variety in terms of the design itself – you can choose stair radiators, but with tubes that are positioned at a different angle than 90 degrees. It is worth adding that the manufacturer has a range of traditional heaters, but also those with additional functions (for example, a heater or controller) that allow you to control the temperature of the product.

white bathroom with black radiator
Stair radiator (photo)

Vertical heater

In this model, the heating tubes are arranged vertically. This solution allows you to save space and is great for narrow wall surfaces. Vertical tubes, like stair radiators, can have a cross-section of various shapes. An interesting suggestion is a vertical finned heater for the bathroom. Great for retro and classic style bathrooms.

white and black bathroom with diamond tiles, black ribbed radiator, black ceramic tiles and fittings
Vertical finned radiator (photo)

Panel heater

This type of heater consists of vertical or horizontal elements in the form of panels. Panel radiators for the bathroom often consist of a single panel. Thus, they form a smooth homogeneous body. They fit perfectly into modern and minimalistic arrangements.

bathroom with bright colors, panel heater, suspended wooden console for washbasin
Panel heater for bathroom (photo)

Decorative heater

Here, the choice of shapes and forms will delight even the most fastidious lovers of contemporary art. From regular hexagons to whimsical shapes to minimalistic individual tubes. A bathroom heater can successfully perform a decorative role and be an expressive accent of any location.

grey bathroom with decorative heater
Decorative heater (photo)

Which bathroom heater to choose - power type

Regardless of the fuel that feeds the heating system in the house, the heating system itself can be tap, electric or tap water. Bathroom water radiators are usually connected to the central heating system, and like other radiators in the house, water flows in them. Electric radiators, as a rule, have a direct connection to the wall outlet and do not depend on other heat emitters in the building. Bathroom water heaters can be described as hybrid devices. They are a combination of a classic water heater with an autonomous electric heater. For water-electric heaters, you can purchase an electric heater with the correct power selection.

The differences between different types of heaters are mainly related to their capacity. As a rule, bathroom radiators in combination with a heating system can warm up to higher temperatures. In practice, however, this is not so important, since it is assumed that the temperature of the heater should be 75-90 degrees. And such results are achieved by all thermal emitters, both water and electric.

black decorative heater
Decorative heater Soul Irsap (Irsap photo)

When buying a heater, you need to remember about accessories that can:

- the electric heater mentioned above, if the heater manufacturer has provided for such a possibility

- thermostatic valve

- mounting / connecting kit

Which bathroom heater to choose-material

The quality and durability of a product is usually determined by the material from which it is made. Bathroom radiators are made of stainless steel, aluminum or copper.

Stainless steel bathroom radiators are the most common products on the market in the category of bathroom heating systems. Steel is a raw material that heats up quickly and retains heat for a long time. Even after the power is turned off, the stainless steel heater still maintains the temperature for some time. The stainless steel itself is strong and not easily damaged.

Aluminum radiators for bathrooms enjoy a weakpopularity mainly due to their lower strength than steel ones. Aluminum is softer and, especially when installed, can be damaged. On the contrary, compared to steel radiators for bathrooms, aluminum ones have much greater moisture resistance.

Copper is the oldest raw material used in heating systems. Compared to the previously mentioned raw materials, copper has the highest thermal properties. Copper bathroom radiators are also very resistant to corrosion.

Top Bathroom heaters

On sale there is a wide range of products in the category heaters for bathrooms customer reviews confirm that there is a lot to choose from. If you are wondering which model will suit you best, check out the TOP 7 best bathroom heaters selected by Viverto experts.

1. Niva heater

white black marble bathroom, white panel heater
Niva bathroom heater in a bathroom with a bathtub (photo

Vertical panel heater Niva from Vasco is perfect for any composition. Its fine uniform shape and versatile white color are combined not only with tiles that imitate marble. Thanks to its minimalist appearance, the Niva heater is also suitable for modern, classic or glamorous bathrooms. The 1820×520 mm Vasco product is designed for wall mounting and provides a maximum operating temperature of 110 degrees Celsius.

2. Sail Radiator

bathroom with stair radiator, brown wall
Sail Zehnder bathroom heater (photo by Zehnder)

Classic staircase in a modern form. Rounded profiles give this Zehnder bathroom radiator a light and modern look. Chrome color will look good in modern bathrooms and will create a harmonious composition with the mixer of the same shade. Thus, the entire composition will become consistent. The Sail radiator is available in two versions-1200×500 mm and 800×500 mm. Its maximum operating temperature is 120 degrees.

3. Klaro-Zehnder heater

pastel bathroom, blue wall. black radiator
Bathroom heater Klaro Black Matt Zehnder (photo by Zehnder)

Excellent functionality and excellent thermal properties are what characterizes the products from the Klaro collection from Zehnder. The Klaro Black Matt radiator in a matte black shade is ideal for all Scandinavian-style bathrooms, where it can create an expressive accent on a pastel or wooden background together with fittings. Available in a size of 1150×500 mm. It has the ability to adjust the distance from the wall to make drying towels more convenient. The Klaro series heaters are also available in quartz white.

4. Horos 96-Excellent radiator

bathroom in white, white stair radiator
Horos 96 Excellent radiator (photo: Excellent)

If you are looking for a small space heater that is suitable for a small room, look out for Horos from the Excellent brand. It is made of low-carbon steel, which retains heat for a long time, and a stable coating protects the surface of the heater from peeling and damage. Horos is ideal for small bathrooms due to its small size (960 × 500)and compact design. The distance from the wall is only 8 cm. Connecting an electric heater allows this heater to act as a dryer all year round, regardless of central heating.

5. Meteor heater

marble tile, black radiator
Stair heater for the bathroom Meteor Excellent (photo)

A new version of the classic staircase. The Excellent Meteor bathroom heater has, like Horos, an electric heater connection. Flat wide ribs with a regular arrangement make it easier to dry towels. Its color and shape are suitable for any design in a modern, Scandinavian or loft style. The Meteor radiator from the Polish manufacturer Excellent is 1100×500 mm in size and heats up to 95 degrees Celsius.

6. Vision heater

bathroom with wallpaper on the wall, black radiator, mirror in a black frame
Vision Zehnder bathroom heater (photo by Zehnder)

A combination of modern design and high quality workmanship. Square stair tubes give the Vision heater a modern look. At the same time, its classic shape does not impose a specific bathroom style, it is suitable everywhere from classics to minimalism. Like most heat emitters powered by central heating systems, the Vision is also characterized by a high operating temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. A large radiator area (1200×500 mm) will make heating a medium-sized bathroom a no-brainer.

7. Timber heater

grey bathroom, chrome bathroom radiator
Timber Chrome Zehnder bathroom heater (photo by Zehnder)

The door is closed with a Timber bathroom heater. A chrome-plated version of the staircase with simple profiles will adorn any design that reigns in unity and harmony. This wall mounted bathroom water heater reaches a maximum operating temperature of 120 degrees. It is available in two sizes 1180 × 500 mm and 800×500 mm.

Perfect bathroom heater

The bathroom has everything that users need. An ergonomic shower, a comfortable bathtub or a well-lit pool area. Each of us can name at least a few advantages of the perfect bathroom. The most important of these will certainly be warmth, so a well-heated bathroom is not only a pleasure to use on a daily basis, it is also an investment in a healthy and well-maintained home. A bathroom heater, as part of the entire heating system, is a necessary element of any bathroom.

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