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A gas water heater is a device used to heat hot water. Unlike a boiler, it does not store it, but heats the liquid from the water pipes. The heater starts working from the moment it is unscrewed in the tap tap. After a few minutes, hot water starts flowing. When you turn the tap, the device stops working. Interestingly, this equipment is not able to heat the water between it and the faucet. Therefore, its installation is of great importance.


What kind of gas water heater should I buy? The answer to this question is certainly not the simplest. The choice on the market in this regard is quite large. Different models differ in significant parameters. Therefore, we decided to make a comprehensive rating of gas water heaters to make it a little easier to make a purchase decision. We invite you to read.

Junkers Hydro 4200 WRD 9-4KB Gas Water HeaterJunkers Hydro 4200 WRD 9-4KB Gas Water Heater (7736505638)

High-quality 15.1 kW gas water heater with a modern LCD display. It has an interesting design, which belongs to the line of condensing boilers of the same brand. The white case is versatile enough to work perfectly with any type of arrangement. The display allows you to maintain the correct water temperature. The device represents a high class of energy efficiency.

Gas heater Termet TermaQ GE-19-02 ECO GZ 50 Gas heater Termet TermaQ GE-19-02 ECO GZ 50 (WGE3723000000PL1X)

The modern and eco-friendly gas flow heater is ideal for the bathroom and kitchen. Meets the requirements of the ErP directive, due to the innovative design of the heat exchanger and burner. The device also has an attractive design. It is very fast and very quiet. It heats up water to a maximum temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. The heater weighs 9,5 kg.

Kospel PPE3182124LCDPL Gas water heater

Kospel PPE3182124LCDPL Gas water heater
Easy-to-use flow-through water heater with clear LCD display. This is a 3-phase model that supplies water to several water intake points, such as in the bathroom and kitchen. It offers 4 operating capacities, allowing you to adapt the device to your current needs. The equipment is equipped with a special maximum temperature lock. Allows you to heat preheated water.

Gas heater Wijas 3 11/13. 5 / 15KW POW-LCD11 / 13,5/15MULTI
Wijas 3 POW-LCD Gas heater
Highly efficient flow-through water heater, which allows you to simultaneously supply hot water to several points of consumption. This equipment is reliable in operation and easy to operate. It features a large LCD display and three memory buttons. The device is stain-resistant. Provides hot water almost instantly. The heater is also not difficult to install.

Stiebel Eltron PEY Gas Water Heater 18/21/24

Stiebel Eltron PEY 18 21 24 Gas Water Heater (233993)

Functional flow-through water heater with an output sensor. It has high energy efficiency and allows you to set the water temperature in the range from 30 to 60 degrees Celsius. The device has a heating system with an open heater, which is resistant to staining. This is a surprisingly easy-to-use piece of equipment that is perfect for many households.


A gas water heater is an equipment that is used in quite a large number of apartments and buildings. Allows you to get hot water in a few minutes. What equipment should I buy? What should you consider when choosing a gas water heater?

  • Heating capacity-this parameter is very important when choosing a water heater. The higher the heat output, the faster you can get water with a sufficiently high temperature. On the other hand, more power can be associated with high energy consumption. This makes the device expensive to operate. So you have to adapt the hardware to your needs and expectations.
  • Capacity-in this case, it is of great importance. It tells you how many liters of water are inside the heater. In flow-through devices, this question is a little less relevant, because the equipment still heats the water flowing directly through the point. However, in capacitive heaters, this is the basis. This parameter fits well with the demand for an apartment. The tank should always have heated water ready for use. Flow heaters have tanks, but here the 8-liter model is already suitable. In capacitive heaters, the capacity must be at least 30 liters. We are talking, of course, about small farms. In large ones, it should be up to 60 liters.
  • Functionality-the way the device works and the convenience of using the water heater depends on this. In addition, some customizations and settings allow you to adapt the equipment to your requirements and current needs. At the very start, you should make sure that the heating power is regulated, and this is best in a large range. When a device has a large difference between the minimum and maximum heating power, this is a sign that it is truly universal. In addition, the functionality of the equipment is positively affected, for example, by the possibility of using different gases to power the furnace.


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