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Mitsubishi Diamond

Mitsubishi Diamond series air conditioners take the first place in our rating of air conditioners, as they are characterized not only by exceptional aesthetics, but also by the highest quality of execution.

If you take into account the available color scheme, the devices can even represent a deliberate and clear design accent in a house or apartment. However, the Diamond series is, first of all, a premium class with high energy efficiency (a+++), which we owe to efficient energy optimization processes.

The Diamond series is richly equipped with technologies that make the most sense in everyday use. The i-See 3D sensor monitors the number of people in a room and the temperature. Along with the air distribution system, it provides uniform cooling and prevents single, uncomfortably cold explosions. The remote has a large LCD screen for the most convenient operation.

Mitsubishi Diamond air conditioner is also equipped with a four-fold plasma filter Plus, so that the air entering the house through the air conditioner does not contain dust, bacteria and even allergens. The user can expand their kit with the help of Hyper Heating technology, thanks to which it will be possible to heat the room all year round using an air conditioner.

Mitsubishi Premium

The image shows a Mitsubishi premium split air conditioner in silver color.

The second offer from the model range of Mitsubishi air conditioners is the premium series. Here you will find white, black and brushed silver. Elegant design, high energy consumption for cooling, a silver ion filter and the ability to control via a mobile app – all this indicates that Mitsubishi Premium meets the needs of a slightly different audience than in the Diamond series.

If you don't need the full comfort that the Diamond series offers, but are looking for a high – end solution-Mitsubishi Premium can be the answer to your needs. Easy operation, night mode of operation and an aesthetic body-these are just a few positive aspects of daily use of this air conditioner. The only drawback of the device, according to its users, may be the lack of the ability to automatically adjust the blinds horizontally.

Haier Jade Plus


Haier Jade Plus is one of the quietest split air conditioners on the market, but quiet operation is not its only advantage. The IFD filter, consisting of an advanced filter mesh, effectively removes pollutants from the air that the air conditioner pushes into the room. The grid, which consists of 7,000 holes, is additionally supported by Self Purify technology, which generates static electricity and adsorbs dust along with any other contamination.

Thanks to its carefully designed filter solution, Haier Jade Plus is one of the few air conditioners that can compete with air purifiers in terms of performance. CADR cleaning efficiency is up to 300 m3 / h.

In the app, you can also use the 56°C Steri Clean function, which heats the heat exchanger to 56°C for 30 minutes. Thanks to it, all dirt that could have settled on the surface of the heat exchanger is effectively removed, and the user is sure that bacteria and viruses do not multiply in the indoor unit. Haier Jade Plus, of course, also has a Self-Clean function, thanks to which dirt that accumulates on the evaporator is automatically removed.

The manufacturer even made sure that the components of the air circulation channel were made of a coating that eliminates the risk of mold and bacteria. An antibacterial coating containing silver nanoparticles provides hygienic and antiseptic conditions.

For those who value the most hygienic environment possible, Haier Jade Plus may be the best split air conditioner. By choosing this model, you can easily control the air conditioner via Wi-Fi, and the efficient ECO sensor will help you save electricity. If the sensor is turned on and does not detect any household members in the room, it will switch to rest mode. In turn, if someone is in the room, the air conditioner will try to direct the flow so that cold gusts do not reach the users directly.

Samsung Wind-Free Elite

The image shows the Samsung Wind-Free Elite Split air conditioner in white.

Among the best air conditioners should also include the Samsung model from the Wind-Free-Elite series. As in the case of air conditioners of the Diamond Mitsubishi series, in this model you can also note the high concern for uniform cooling of the room and prevention of sudden gusts of cold.

The slim and aesthetic housing, which contains thousands of tiny holes, is a simple and efficient system for regular air distribution. Wind-Free Elite air conditioners have the AI Auto Comfort function, which automatically selects the mode for the conditions and habits of users. This is one way to maximize operational efficiency and ensure the highest level of energy consumption for both cooling (a+++) and heating (a+++).

Daikin Stylish

In the Stylish series, we have a choice of four interior body colors, including unique offerings such as exotic wood. These surprisingly narrow internals are equipped with a titanium apatite filter that removes dust particles and unpleasant odors, as well as a silver filter that is designed to capture pollen, dust mites and other allergens.


The Coanda effect and matrix sensor ensure uniform cooling of the room and user-friendly air flow. Humidity is also controlled to ensure a completely healthy environment. The device can be controlled using either a wireless remote control or an app on your phone.

In other words, the Stylish series is one of the best air conditioners that provide not only eco-friendly operation, elegant design, but also full functionality.

Daikin Perfera

If a unique style is not your priority, the Daikin Perfera model offers equally good performance parameters. The highest energy efficiency is combined with intelligent filtration technologies that destroy allergens and eliminate unpleasant odors.

The device can be controlled using an infrared controller, or via an app, Alexa, or Google Home. To ensure that the air is directed away from people, a 2-zone motion sensor takes care of it. The same sensor, like the solutions used in any other home air conditioner, switches the operating mode to energy saving if it does not detect household members.


The 3D air flow function ensures even distribution of cold or heat even in the corners of large rooms. Another interesting option is the Heat Plus function, which during the first 30 minutes of heating stimulates the pleasant heat of radiation.

Panasonic Etherea

home air conditioners 2023

Panasonic Etherea is another product that we found worthy of a recommendation in our air conditioner rating. While the model doesn't stand out from the competition, it's just a well-made and highly functional device. This is evidenced even by the low volume of operation (from 19 dB), a 3-year warranty on the equipment and a 5-year warranty on the compressor.

This model, like almost every best air conditioner today, has built-in ionization. NanoeX technology has been developed by the manufacturer for 20 years and is designed to neutralize any microbes, fungi and other pollutants.

The Panasonic Comfort Cloud application not only allows you to manage your device, but also notifies you of errors by specifying fault codes, and allows you to monitor energy consumption.

Daikin Ururu Sarara

Daikin Ururu Sarara, a model with a unique and sonorous name, hides an intelligent humidity control system,and this feature sets it apart from the best split air conditioners. In addition, Flash Streamer technology removes allergens, including pollen and fungal allergens, and even removes unpleasant odors.

Also noteworthy is the highly efficient 3-area motion detection feature. Thanks to the sensor, air is directed away from people, and when it detects that there are no household members in the room, it automatically switches the system to power-saving mode.

It is also worth noting that the design of the device was awarded awards. Among other things, the model received the reddot design award in 2013. All thanks to the fact that it was designed inspired by the Japanese folding fan Ogi.

Toshiba Daiseikai 9

The 9th generation of the leading Daiseikai model is one of the best air conditioners on the market, equipped with an ionization function (Plasma lon Charger). The air conditioner offers intelligent air flow, a weekly programmer, as well as a positive temperature support function and 3D ventilation. A dual filtration system using a plasma ionizer produces more than one million negative ions per cm3.

This product does not stand out in our rating of air conditioners, and yet it is readily chosen by users. First of all, due to the low price, optimal operating parameters and high quality. Those who are looking for the best ionization air conditioner at the best price often choose the Toshiba Daiseikai 9 model.

Toshiba Haori

Toshiba Haori-air conditioning in the house

The Toshiba Haori model is noticeably more expensive than the Daiseikai, but it's worth noting that it offers much more. And we do not mean a unique design, although it is impressive.

The front of the Haori has a textile coating that has 2 primary colors-dark and light gray. In addition, the unique coating allows you to use other additional colors, which gives almost unlimited possibilities for adapting the appearance of the device. The extra cover is easy to install yourself-just unpack it and put it on the case. Even the pilot of this model is luxurious-it has a black matte texture.


Haori is not only quiet inside (generates from 19 dB), but also has one of the quietest outdoor units on the market (39 dB). The Toshiba Ultra Pure filter captures up to 94% of PM2.5 particles,and together with the plasma ionizer, it also eliminates other unwanted particles such as allergens.

Like all the best air conditioners, Haori has an ECO mode and also offers a high power button for fast cooling or heating. Innovative HADA-Care technology keeps the air flow flat on the ceiling, so direct air flow is as limited as possible.

If it weren't for the fact that not everyone needs so many amenities, the model would probably have taken the first place in our rating of air conditioners.

Samsung Wind-Free Avant

Samsung Wind-Free Avant closes the first TOP-5 in our rating of air conditioners primarily because of the favorable price-performance ratio and functionality. Wind-Free technology provides soft and even gusts of air with optimal temperature. In turn, the Tri-Care filter takes care of the cleanliness of the air entering the house.

AI Auto Comfort is responsible for optimizing cooling based on user-defined temperature and minimum power consumption. The automatic cleaning function allows you to permanently eliminate the risk of bacteria and unpleasant odors. Samsung Wind-Free Avant is an easy-to-use, but at the same time smart device that will help you spend any heat in complete comfort.

Haier Flexis Plus

The image shows the Haier Flexis Plus air conditioner in black.

Haier Flexis Plus is a mid-range air conditioner that differs from the cheaper Tundra Plus model, among other things, by a more elegant body. From the two available color versions, you can choose between stylish black or matte white. Energy class A+ + + for cooling and A++ for heating also look better than what the most budget model offers-Tundra.

In addition, here we have Wi-Fi control and voice control, as well as the Self-Clean function, which automatically cleans the evaporator after shutdown. 3D air vents in combination with the ECO motion sensor are designed to detect the presence of residents and adjust the air flow so that – depending on expectations-it is directed to the household or avoid places where they are located.

Interestingly, Haier Flexis Plus also uses UV-C sterilization to keep the wind completely clean. The manufacturer claims that the technology can suppress the development of the SARS-CoV - 2 virus by up to 99.99% (based on the results of a laboratory study of the effectiveness of the UV-C lamp), but, importantly, it also emphasizes that an air conditioner will not replace a medical device, and its final effectiveness in removing viruses may vary depending on the cubature of the room.

Haier Expert Plus


Haier Expert Plus is the same model that should be recommended. Like the model described above, it also offers UV-C sterilization, and its effectiveness has been tested and validated to inhibit the development of SARS-CoV-2 virus in a 6.7 m3 space.

The upgraded design allows easy access to the components of the device, which means that periodic maintenance takes even less time. In turn, thanks to fuktion and FEEL, the device is able to read the temperature around the user. It has this capability thanks to a sensor built into the wireless remote control. With this new feature, the user can be sure that they will get the desired temperature in their environment, and not just in the immediate vicinity of the indoor unit.

Like most models in our rating of air conditioners, the Haier Expert Plus is equipped with an efficient ECO sensor that detects the presence of a person and makes sure that the air vent is not directed directly at them. In turn, if it doesn't detect people in the room, it puts the device to rest.

Kaisai Geo

Kaisai Geo is an interesting offer from a Polish manufacturer. The cold-catalytic filter installed in it is designed to purify the air from chemicals such as carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, benzene or formaldehydes. In addition, a Bio HEPA filter is installed, which captures up to 99% of dust particles and bacteria with a maximum size of 0.3 microns.

Air ionization is designed to eliminate particles of mites, mold, bacteria and viruses from the environment, as well as to affect the humidification of the air. The convenience of operation is also affected by the Wi-Fi module and 3D ventilation.

Kaisai Geo attracts attention with its particularly low price. Admittedly, in this price segment, it competes strongly on specifications. It offers high cooling energy efficiency (A+++) and everything that the best air conditioner has to offer. The only thing that can be annoying is the volume of the outdoor unit, which is slightly higher than market standards (54 dB).

Daikin Comfora

Despite the fact that the Comfora series is much cheaper than the Stylish series, the user gets a 3D volumetric air vent as standard, which ensures even air distribution and filtration thanks to three filters: silver, titanium-apatite, and standard. Add to this a modern design, and a significant part of users will not need anything else.

Daikin Comfora is the recommended home air conditioner that will provide indoor comfort even in the hottest weather conditions. Thanks to its small size, it will work well even in small rooms. It offers quiet and efficient operation (A + + + for cooling). However, if you want to control via wi-fi, you should know that the standard doesn't have this feature.

Samsung Wind-Free Comfort

Samsung Wind-Free Comfort is the lowest model of all the Wind-Free series that we have included in our rating of air conditioners. Soft air distribution using Wind-Free technology, as well as Auto Clean and AI Auto Comfort functions are available to the user in the same way as the Avant and Elite. However, energy consumption (cooling class a++) is somewhat less optimized, but this is primarily due to the lower price.

The 23,000 micro-holes in the case effectively reduce wind-driven noise, so the device can operate at a volume below 19 dB. Smart operation mode selection affects not only user-friendliness, but also energy efficiency.

LG Deluxe

The LG Deluxe split air conditioner comes with a 10-year warranty, which shows the manufacturer's confidence in the reliability of these devices. The durability of the LG Deluxe model is influenced, in particular, by the Gold Fin™ coating and the use of an energy-saving Dual Inverter ™ compressor.

What else does it say that LG Deluxe is one of the best split air conditioners? Smart Diagnosis system. The device constantly monitors its functions and transmits information about its operation to the ThinQ server. The server is available to both installers and home air conditioner users. This solution is very practical, because it allows you to quickly diagnose possible malfunctions, and this, in turn, leads to an increase in the service life of the equipment.

Access to the diagnostic server is possible thanks to an application that allows you to set operating modes, manage ventilation, monitor energy consumption, and manage filters. The double filter is designed to capture large particles, such as dust or wool, but also smaller ones – microbes, spores and dust. The filter complements the work of the ionizer (Plasmaster ™ Ioniser+) and UVnano™sterilization.

As befits a decent split air conditioner, the LG Deluxe is equipped with a self-cleaning function that dries and blows out everything that settles on the heat exchanger.

Gree U-Crown

best air conditioners of 2023

Available in silver and champagne shades,the Gree U-Crown model is an offer for those who would like to buy a cheap aesthetic indoor unit. This model differs not only in its color scheme, but also in its streamlined shapes and metallic coating.

The affordable price-performance ratio makes the U-Crown the brand's flagship device and has been consistently popular for many years. In addition, 7 fan gears allow precise ventilation control, which, combined with the thermometer integrated in the remote control, results in a high level of comfort.

Gree U-Crown may be the best air conditioner for many people also because it offers an ionization function and a temperature maintenance function. However, it is worth noting that we do not have a 3D windscreen at our disposal. it is also not the most efficient unit in terms of energy efficiency.

Rotenso Teta X

In our rating of air conditioners, we also decided to put a less popular model-Rotenso Teta X. behind the low price is, of course, lower energy efficiency (a++ for cooling and A+ for heating), but the number of practical functions in this price range is a pleasant surprise. We even have the controls here with the Smart Life Tuya app.

The minimalist case hides the soft explosion technology-Windless. Obtaining a diffused, gentle air flow is made possible by the use of 975 micro-holes. The iAIR ionizer produces negative ions designed to eliminate pollutants from the indoor air, while the UV lamp is designed to destroy organic and toxic elements inside the indoor unit.

The Rotenso Teta X also has an automatic iAIR cleaning function, so that sensitive components are kept clean at all times. Drying and purging the indoor unit is designed to prevent not only the growth of microbes, but also the formation of unpleasant odors.

Thanks to the pan heater used in the device, the heating function of the Teta X model is available even at temperatures of -25°C. the outdoor air conditioner is effectively protected from icing. Moreover, the manufacturer has used the SMART 8°C heating function in this model, which maintains a positive room temperature, while consuming a minimum of energy. This solution is useful wherever there is a risk of freezing of the water supply system, for example, in suburban areas.

LG Standard 2

Although the LG Standard 2 is one of the cheapest devices on the market, it is very quiet (from 19 dB) and efficient. The air vent can be directed in four directions, so that the air conditioner provides an even distribution of air throughout the room.

Built-in Wi-Fi, along with the mobile app, makes everyday work easier, but in fact the device does not need special intervention on the part of the user, because the inflating control can also be performed automatically. In the app, you can start or turn off the device, set the desired temperature, operating mode,and ventilation. You can also track your energy consumption.

The manufacturer boasts of the high-tech Dual Inverter ™ compressor, which we owe not only to its quiet operation, but also to optimal thermal conditions and minimization of energy consumption. Like all the other best air conditioners in our rating, the LG Standard 2 comes with an automatic cleaning function. It works on the principle of dehumidification and sterilization of the heat exchanger, so that mold or bacteria do not develop inside the air conditioner.

The main disadvantage of this model is, as in the case of other cheapest air conditioners, low energy efficiency. This device will simply be more power-intensive than the more expensive models.

How does a split air conditioner work?

Most of us buy an air conditioner for the home to be able to enjoy the optimal temperature and feel good. To choose the best air conditioner for your own needs, you need to know how this device works and whether to equip it with additional functions, such as humidification or air purification.

The operation of the air conditioner consists in the forced circulation of air on the evaporator by means of a fan. The air is cooled at the evaporator, and the heat is transferred to the cooling factor circulating in a closed loop. The gas is then compressed in a compressor and fed to a condenser that is located outside the room. Thus, the heat escapes in the air to the outside, the gas condenses into a liquid, and the cooled medium is again fed to the evaporator.

Due to the fact that it is possible to change the flow direction of the cooling liquid, the air conditioner can also act as a heat pump and heat the premises. In the reverse cooling circuit, the evaporator takes on the role of a condenser, and vice versa. The mechanism of action of the air conditioner causes water to be drawn out of the air. Some split air conditioners are additionally equipped with a humidification function, which minimizes the problem of dehumidification.

Split a multi split air conditioner

Split air conditioner is the most popular type of air conditioner installed in apartments. The split model, as the name suggests, is divided into two parts. The indoor unit is installed inside the building, and the unit is installed outside the building. The indoor unit is very quiet because it only has a fan, control system and heat exchanger. The loudest components of the device, such as the compressor and large fan, are located in the outdoor unit.

A multisplit air conditioner is a kit used to cool the air in multiple rooms. One outdoor unit supports several different indoor units. At the same time, all air conditioners work independently, so we have the opportunity to set different temperatures in different rooms. If you are not sure that the installation of air conditioning in all rooms is necessary-you can expand the kit at any time.

home air conditioning-the best air conditioners

How to choose an air conditioner for your home?

The appropriate air conditioning capacity for the entire apartment or house can be selected with a simple assumption:

provide 0.1 kW of power per 1 m2

However, when choosing an air conditioner for a room, you should also take into account factors such as sunlight, heat generators (for example, a computer, a refrigerator) and other specific conditions, such as insulation, an attic.

When planning to install an air conditioner in your home, it's probably worth considering a multisplit air conditioner. When installing an air conditioner in a co-op unit, please note that you may need the administrator's consent. In addition, if the building is to be preserved as a monument, you will need to request the appropriate permission from the City Conservator for the Preservation of Monuments.

What are the most important parameters of an air conditioner?

When looking for the best split air conditioner for your home, you should pay attention to the ratio of air flow to the maximum volume that the outdoor unit generates. This is a parameter that we paid special attention to when forming the rating of air conditioners, because it allows us to select those devices that work most efficiently and at the same time noiselessly.

Internal volume is a key parameter in terms of usability of the device. Therefore, the best air conditioners chosen by us in most cases do not exceed the value of 40 dB. The external volume of the device itself is an equally important issue, especially in old construction, where it is easier to penetrate any sounds from the outside. It is rare that the volume of the air conditioner exceeds values that are burdensome for neighboring residents or family members, but it is worth making sure that this value is lower than 50 dB.

The main features should also include motion detection or healthy mode. We find them even in some cheaper air conditioners, for example, in the Haier Flexis Plus model. The inability to install the windscreen comfortably can lead to the fact that the household will feel an uncomfortably cool breeze of air. In the long run, this decision is, to put it mildly, unpleasant and can cause health problems. Other technologies that limit cold winds can also reduce the risk of prediction. Individual solutions can have their own nomenclature.

If you want to buy the best split air conditioner, you should also take a look at the warranty period. Even the best air conditioners from trusted manufacturers can have a separate warranty period for the air conditioner and separately for the compressor. You should be careful and carefully check this information.

Features and technologies in household air conditioners

In addition to the most important technical parameters, additional functions are important when choosing an air conditioner for the home and new technologies are constantly being improved. The following aspects can help improve the usability of the air conditioner. So it's worth considering whether any of the following features will prove to be key, especially since the split air conditioner is designed to serve us for many years.

3D Air Vent

3D ventilation, i.e. the function of automatic adjustment of the air conditioner blinds, allows you to quickly exchange air in the room and adjust the direction of gusts according to the user's preferences. In the worst case scenario, the blinds must be adjusted manually, while the models available on the market today most often already offer fully automatic vertical and horizontal adjustment.

Thermometer in the remote control

Almost all household air conditioners are equipped with a thermometer, while most often the meter is installed in a unit that we hang high on the wall. This, in turn, makes temperature monitoring less reliable, as warm air tends to be directed upwards.

Some of the best air conditioners have a thermometer in the remote control, which allows you to accurately determine the indoor temperature and better adapt the operation of the air conditioner to our expectations. Models that offer this feature include, for example, the Haier Expert Plus and Gree U-Crown.

Managing the app

One of the key points that have a big impact on the usability of the selected split air conditioner is the ability to use a special application. You can use it, for example, to start the device before you even get home. Some manufacturers of home air conditioners provide online control as an additional option, so that users can decide for themselves whether they want to pay extra for this feature.

Control via the app is only possible in the area of the Wi-Fi network that the home air conditioner is connected to, but over time, air conditioners are increasingly developing solutions that are more convenient than connecting to a local network. The best air conditioners offer application support both over any Wi-Fi network and over the mobile Internet. So you can control your home air conditioner from anywhere in the world. There are also solutions that allow you to configure the air conditioner with Smart Home systems.

Best air conditioners and air purification

Can an air conditioner work as an air purifier? Most of the models that we have included in the rating of air conditioners have one or another form of filter for air purification. However, air conditioning dust filters are not designed to remove most pollutants from the air, much less smoke, bacteria, viruses, or allergens.

Most air conditioners only have a pre-filter, which is designed to filter out contaminants such as dust so that nothing interferes with the unit's operation. Filter strips can trap large dust fractions, and electrostatic filters can remove dust as small as 10 micrometers in size.

HEPA Filter

The best solution is (and probably will be for a long time to come) a HEPA filter. Only a HEPA filter can effectively filter out very small particles such as smoke, allergens, and even viruses. However, HEPA is said to work most effectively at low airflow levels due to the density of the filter itself.

In other words, given the fact that a split air conditioner must supply a much larger amount of air than special air purifiers, a HEPA filter in an air conditioner cannot replace a purifier. This means that if you want to install a HEPA filter (on request), for example, in one of the cheaper Haier air conditioners, you can probably count on partial filtration of the air.

Ionizing filters

Photocatalytic filters and plasma stream filters can remove at least some of the smoke, but they usually focus on removing fine dust, mold spores, odors, allergens, and germs. Ions (charged particles) are generated inside the indoor unit to decompose particles of pollutants such as dust, pollen or bacteria.

Ions can be generated on the surface of the catalytic plate inside the device, but they can also spread around the room. Typically, they attach to impurities and then decompose by oxidation, or become negatively charged and then get trapped on a positively charged plate inside the device. They can also precipitate out of the air and stick to the floor.

Ionizing filters are used by leading manufacturers of split air conditioners, such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, LG, Panasonic and Fujitsu.

Split air conditioner-which company?

Companies of unknown brands may offer medium or low-quality air conditioners. Therefore, when choosing an air conditioner for your home, you should rely on the best proven brands that enjoy good user reviews and ensure long-term, trouble-free operation of products. The customer service department from the equipment manufacturer and a reliable installation company are the basis for a good and thoughtful purchase.

Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung, Daikin, and Haier are just a few examples of recommended brands. Each of them offers a cross-section of at least a few products, often in different price ranges. Focus on high build quality, care for quiet operation or maximum energy efficiency, as well as the number of additional features available – manufacturers try to meet all the expectations of their audience.

What should I do when choosing an air conditioner?

We hope that the rating of air conditioners has given you a clear picture of what is available in our market, and you already have a certain vision of which solutions are really worth choosing from. Although each user has slightly different expectations, questions such as a proven brand, performance, or good quality of execution should be taken as basic recommendations.

Because in the future, the choice of a specific device depends only on what functions you consider absolutely necessary and how important the style of the air conditioner itself is for you. High build quality and the highest attention to design can be found in Mitsubishi Diamond and Premium air conditioners. Daikin and Samsung models offer extremely practical features at reasonable prices. In turn, when choosing Haier air conditioners, you are betting on a solution that is cheap, popular and proven by an increasing number of users. The best price here goes hand in hand with a growing focus on quality and technological progress.